About Us

Sam and Son Company was established in 1991 as a first generation company primarily in the business of sandblasting, welding and fabrication.

The company is jointly owned by Sam Millspaugh and Laurie Millspaugh who are both heavily involved in the day to day operations of the business. Sam is responsible for overseeing current projects, managing employees and maintaining the fleet of equipment. Laurie oversees all active contracts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, DOT compliance and general office work. Sam and Laurie both collaborate together regarding future endeavors along with equipment purchases. Additionally, they are active with all projects and are often seen at various locations at any given time.

Justin Millspaugh is responsible for bidding and procurement of projects in addition to acting as a Project Manager on large projects.  He has a Business Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and has been active in the daily operations of the company since May, 2012.

Tyler Millspaugh has been with the company since June, 2011.  He is an experienced operator capable of operating every piece of equipment in the current fleet.  He currently is responsible for operating our vertical drill machines and overseeing our vertical drilling projects.

Over two decades of achievement comes from longstanding relationships with clients and design professionals. We value these relationships and consider them to be a cornerstone of our success while continuing to reach out to new clients and establish new relationships. We attribute our achievements to the quality of our construction professionals and the results they continue to produce.

Sam Millspaugh

Laurie Millspaugh

Justin Millspaugh

Tyler Millspaugh